Quarantine and Hair

It’s been 2 weeks and my hair is suffering a lot from this quarentine. When it started I had the remains of a “semi-bleached” hair with blue over it, but now it looked horrible and I REALLY needed to change it. Luckly I had some bleach and spare colors (I like to keep this things for emergencys like this) but it’s not easy to apply it to yourself (have you seen a video on youtube? well, it’s even more difficult than it looks), so I had to look for someone to help me: Dad, Mom or my dog.

My dog couldn’t do it and I was afraid it could lick the bleack and get poisoned, so I had to ask my mom to help me. She started with the roots, and was so slow, that when she had made half scalp, the part were she started was already done!! It was a pain in the ass, at the end I didn’t wanted to wait anymore, and when I checked, she only had made the roots!! That’s why there are some parts that are not light enough, I couldn’t sit there with my mom anymore, trusting that THIS time she will do it right, with the beach in my hair for over an hour in some places and none in other…

Bleached hair